Save the dates. To do or not to do?

For those of you getting married, I’m sure you’ve all had the mental debate on whether or not to send out save the date cards. I know I did! I figured what was the point? It’s just a waste of money and I’ll send out my invitations early enough that it will be fine, right?

Well, yes and no. Upon talking to a couple different people, I realized that they are very helpful, especially for those who will be coming from out of state to start looking at plane tickets and hotel reservations.

After deciding yes to them, I went on Pinterest to get ideas because I didn’t just want to send out a post card and call it a day, because if anyone’s like me, they would get lost or thrown away very quickly. I saw so many cute ideas, from coasters, to magnets, to cards where there was a string in it and when they opened them it tied a knot. I mean come on, how cute is that!

We ended up choosing magnets for ours that really suited our style and will compliment the invitations perfectly!

Now for the next question, where do you get them from? Well, I just googled save the dates and was overwhelmed by an outrageous amount of different websites and things to choose from. I started looking around on the different sites looking for ones I liked, in the right price range, because let’s be honest, I still feel like they aren’t the best use of your money. I found that vistaprint had super cute designs with a ton to choose from and they are always running some kind of sale. Plus they have a bunch of different add ones like envelope seal stickers and return address labels that will match the card inside.

Hopefully, this helps with your battle of choosing what to do. I know family from out of town will defidently appreciate it!


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