My first 6 months of being engaged

Hey all! Its been a while since Ive written a post, but that’s because of all the exciting things that have happened in the last 6 months. The beginning of the excitement started on a camping trip with my boyfriend, whom I now call fiance with our friends in Vanderbuilt, MI over Memorial Weekend. The second day up there after we had just eaten lunch and were deciding what to do with our afternoon I turned around to find Austin on his knee “popping the question”!!! I was speechless and couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Of course as any event planner would do, I was instantly on Pinterest finding ideas. We knew we wanted to have a fall wedding and I knew I needed more then 3 months to plan the wedding so we set the date for the following September.

In the first month of being engaged we went to five different venues before finding the perfect one. The best part about the venue we picked is that we both went into it expecting to hate it and didn’t even really want to be there. But as we stepped into the place you could see it in both of our faces “Please tell me you don’t hate this”. So we walked around, saw everything and both looked at each other and at the same time said this is it. Our venue had been chosen and they even had our date available. But a little side note about looking for venues, we got so discouraged in the first couple venues that we looked at because the maximum capacity they say they can hold and what they can actually hold comfortably were two completely different numbers. We will be having over 200 guests at our wedding so it was very important to us to have ample space for all.

The next step is generally to find a caterer, but we were fortunate enough to have our venue have catering on-site, so another box checked off the list. And let me tell you, I felt like I was checking them off left and right. About 3 weeks later I had my DJ booked as well! I was on top of the world, checking boxes on the to do list off left and right. I mean come on we had a location with food and booze provided and now I got the music, what more could we need. HAHA, the list continues to grow!

About a month ago, I picked out the dress of my dreams!! I put it on and instantly felt like a princess in a fairy tale, and for those who know me personally, they would know this is not the usual feeling I go for, I’m more of a boots and mud type girl. But it was indescribable.

And now to add to the pressure of planning the wedding, we decided to throw a major curve ball in a buy our dream home, which happens to be a fixer-upper.. We are still in the beginning stages of this process, but couldn’t be any more excited to make this our dream home.

With that being said, I have a lot to get back to, but just wanted to drop in and give a little update on the wedding plans! Up next is finding a photographer, finalizing center pieces and getting my bridesmaids dresses!

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